Ballot System

Much time and effort is wasted in waiting for the results of an election.  Using advanced technology, Eagle Feather Data Exchange (EFDX) provides instant ballot or referendum results to the people in less than a minute.

The client can choose their own Electoral Officer or use one of the trained and approved Eagle Feather Data Exchange Electoral Officers.



The client calls Eagle Feather Data Exchange (EFDX) at 306-343-7383 to request EFDX services for an “instant results” election.

Eagle Feather Data Exchange staff attend the nomination meeting where band members can practice using the computer. A mock mini-election can be done. Of course, the electors can also decide on a hand count ballot process.

On voting day, Eagle Feather Data Exchange (EFDX) works with the Chief Electoral Officer or uses its own Electoral Officer(s).  EFDX ensures the process is performed in secrecy and performed as per instruction of the Chief Electoral Officer.  Each voter completes a ballot, which is then tabulated in the advanced technology system.

At the close of polls, the votes are tabulated and ready in less than one minute.  The results are given to the Chief Electoral Officer who announces the results.

For Indian Act Elections, the processing of the mail-in ballots will take some time, but time savings can be cut in half with our process.


Quote for costs

Call 306-343-7383 for a quote for your reserve.  Ask for Loretta.

Please provide a copy of your band custom code at fax number:  877-339-7781

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