Policy Development

School Board Training, School and Program Evaluation

Does your school staff, services and programs meet acceptable standards?  Does your school board know its roles and responsibilities?

Eagle Feather Data Exchange (EFDX) owners are former school administrators and policy makers.  EFDX staff will provide evaluation for teachers, staff, and administrators.

Furthermore, EFDX can train or reorient school boards about their roles and responsibilities.

Check with INAC to see if your community is eligible for school evaluation funds.

Research and Development

Our staff will research and develop topics for study with input from the client.  We can determine the effectiveness of an intervention i.e. cost and benefits of a program.  We can facilitate face-to-face meetings as necessary to involve all stakeholders.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Our staff is trained to survey opinion and to complete questionnaires.  Consider finding out the social capital of your organization or business.  We will research public opinion.  Staff are fluent in the Cree and Saulteaux language to be able to interview those who do not understand English.

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